Professional Food Serving Trends To Look Out For

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As with any industry, the professional food serving industry is also seeing many new developments and ideas taking shape. People’s ideas and desires have changed over time; similarly to this the serving industry too has changed. Be it a product launch, a wedding or an event needing corporate catering Melbourne, the offerings and services these professional companies can offer really make the function a success. Let’s look at some of the trends that are taking the industry by storm.

Food combinations and matchups: many food serving companies now offer customers the option to serve foods that match their products. For an example a product launch such as a new beverage can be matched with food items that go very well with it, such as coffee and sweet flavored canapés

Health food categories: having a healthier option for customers to select from is a new option the industry is offering. Especially breakfast events or at weekly company meeting sessions, providing health conscious food has become very popular. Some of the most common and frequently requested options are healthy juices and smoothies & oatmeal food items. Less and less customers prefer pastries and biscuits. Some of the more popular sandwich platters are also getting replaced with salads and healthy canapes

Unconventional locations: when it comes to an event the location also makes a huge impact. More and more customers prefer unique interesting places to hold their events such as museums, galleries or even settings closer to the environment such as the beach. Now some of these locations pose challenges when it comes to food being served, but the industry has come up with unique ways to tackle the problem and serve food with locations specific themes in mind. Sometimes official functions take place in office settings, thereby requiring the caterer to make it a memorable experience by organizing and displaying the food in a desired manner.

Creating cultural experiences: this is seen most frequently in mix weddings or international formal events, where you find guests from different regions of the country or world attending. In such events a popular option that is fast spreading is having culture appropriate foods for the guests to enjoy. This will make people feel much more at home. Having foods from your home town or country on the menu goes well with mix weddings where you can give a taste of your own culture to your guests.

Dressed up classics: some food never go out of demand or style. If you are spoiled for choice or not sure what to include, adding a classic dish such as burgers or spaghetti with meatballs can save the day. They are well known staples and loved by many. Of course if it is a formal event then dressing them up a bit in style or presentation can go a long way.

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