The Truth About Russian Brides

These days, you cannot go to a popular international dating site without seeing dozens of attractive and young Russian brides. Russian brides for marriage are highly coveted by Western men for their many amazing qualities. If you are single and want to find a loving partner for life, we are convinced that you should find a Russian bride. And just in case you don’t know anything about the fantastic mail order Russian brides, we have prepared a complete guide for you.

Russian Women: 3 Reasons To Date Them

Before you find out how to get a Russian bride or ask yourself a question “Is Russian brides real?”, you need to know what exactly makes Russian brides so attractive to Western men. After all, you can easily find a bride from your own country without going anywhere, but there is a reason why American men find Russian mail order brides so hard to resist. Here are the best things about Russian brides for sale.

They will leave you speechless with their beauty

The beauty of Russian women has been a subject of legends for a long time. Russian girls are the epitome of Slavic beauty and are among the most gorgeous women you can find in Europe. Russian women are always praised for their fair skin, light hair, plump lips, and expressive eyes. The bodies of Russian girls are curvy enough, but they are also very fit and strong. What’s even more important is that Russian brides know that appearance is one of their most important assets and they pay a lot of attention to maintaining their beauty, from keeping a healthy diet to leaving time in their busy schedules for exercise.

They are more educated than you think

Russia is a former USSR country, and while the USSR is one of the most controversial pages in world history, the one thing it did well was education. Russia largely retained and improved the education system of the USSR. As a result, Russian girls are some of the most educated women on the planet. The absolute majority of them graduate from high school and most Russian brides then go on to get a university degree. Add that to the natural curiosity and passion for reading of Russian mail order brides, and you’ll know why you can talk to them for ages.

They have family on their minds

A typical mail order Russian bride is not someone who constantly dates around while looking for personal satisfaction or financial gain. Russian mail order brides only date men they can potentially marry in the nearest future. That is why, when dating a Russian bride, you should never worry about her fidelity or her intentions. Russian mail order brides want a full, happy family more than anything in life and they are prepared to go a long way to achieve what they want. If you also want to start a family with a woman who understands you on a deep level, you can’t go wrong with a Russian mail order wife.

Popular Myths About Russian Mail Order Brides

The popularity of Russian wives for sale led to them being surrounded by several very persistent myths. Some of them are spread by men who, for some reason, didn’t get what they wanted from the relationship with a Russian bride, while others are perpetuated by other foreign mail order brides who are not as popular as Russian women for marriage. Here are 3 biggest myths about Russian mail order wives debunked.

Russian brides only do it for the money and social status

The financial component of marriage is definitely important for Russian mail order brides since, for many of them, marriage to a foreigner is a way to unlock new opportunities and make life more comfortable for themselves and their future children. However, the man’s financial situation is never the only or the main deciding factor for a Russian bride. First and foremost, Russian mail order brides want a genuine connection, understanding, and a spark. It’s important that you are financially stable, but you don’t need to be rich to charm a Russian woman.

Russian women are cold and aloof

This stereotype concerns not just Russian mail order brides, but also Russian people in general. It’s said that they rarely smile, treat foreigners with hostility, and are very hard to talk to. This stereotype hasn’t been true for years, especially for young Russian brides. The new generation of Russian mail order brides is much more sociable, loyal to foreigners and eager to build new relationships. You won’t need to try your hardest just to make a Russian bride talk to you — if she sees you as a potential partner, she will always try to get closer to you.

Russian mail order brides don’t want to work

A popular misconception about Russian mail order wives is that they are looking for a wealthy man they can depend on forever and never work a single day in their lives again. It’s true that Russian women are not as career-oriented as Western women, which is exactly what makes them so attractive for marriage. However, they also don’t want to be fully dependent on a man. Most Russian wives married to Western husbands still find ways to have a personal source of income, such as baking or beauty services, while looking after the kids and working around the house.

How To Meet Russian Brides?

After finding out about the top reasons to consider Russian women dating, you are now probably wondering where to meet Russian women when you live thousands of miles away from you. Your first idea is probably to go to Russia and do your search there. And while we are sure that your trip will give you some lovely memories and will bust a lot of stereotypes you may have about Russia, it’s still not the most effective way to meet Russian women.

As a tourist, you will only visit one or two biggest cities in Russia, while millions of other eligible brides from Russia will escape from your attention. Moreover, even though Russian brides are very friendly, they will not be able to take you seriously knowing that you are just a tourist. So in most cases, your experience will prove to be unfulfilling and even disappointing.

The good news is that you have a much better chance of meeting Russian brides online. There are several popular dating sites with Russian mail order brides. The women there run their own profiles and are determined to find their ideal foreign husband. So when you see a beautiful Russian mail order bride online, you won’t need to waste time trying to convince her to date or marry you — since you are both looking for the same things in life, you will be able to focus on what matters the most, which is establishing a romantic connection.

Dating Russian Women: 7 Things To Remember

It’s completely understandable if you are now anxious to begin dating Russian women, but you need to remember that they grew up in a completely different environment than you did and may be looking for different things in a relationship. There are no strict rules for dating Russian women, but if you want to make the relationship absolutely perfect, these 7 tips will help.

  • Russian brides love men in control. Out of all myths about Russian brides dating, the one true stereotype is that Russian women love when the man takes charge. Don’t get us wrong, a Russian bride can easily direct the relationship on her own, but she simply likes it when the man demonstrates his power and confidence.
  • Your appearance and manners matter. A Russian mail order bride won’t judge you by your handsomeness or shape. However, she needs to know that you are able to take good care of yourself. To her, it’s a sign that you will also be able to take care of her, and ultimately, that’s what Russian women want from a relationship. Good manners will also help you make the best impression.
  • Unique dates and grand gestures are always welcome. Single Russian brides have a rather idealistic view of relationships, and that includes romantic behavior. When you put extra effort into planning your dates, don’t try to save money on arranging the perfect date, and can make a big romantic gesture from time to time, your position will skyrocket.
  • Ask your Russian woman before making any major decisions. Russian women love decisive men who are able to think for themselves, but they also love being consulted about the most important decisions. That includes vacations, weddings, career, and other aspects of living together that influence you both.
  • Initiate deep discussions and use your sense of humor. When you date Russian women, you will probably talk a lot about your feelings and how crazy you are about your Russian bride. However, this kind of relationship can get stale very fast if there isn’t also an intellectual and emotional connection to support it. 
  • Don’t hide anything important from your past. Like most people in the world, you’ve probably had your highs and your lows, whether it’s a divorce, a significant loss, or a bad career or business move. You may think that keeping those things a secret will make you more attractive to a Russian woman, but when the truth inevitably comes out, your relationship will get hurt.
  • Discuss your plans for the future but don’t put any pressure on her. When you are talking to real Russian brides online or dating one of them in person, it’s fine to have some fun for a while. However, the relationship must inevitably go somewhere, and you need to make sure that you and your Russian bride are on the same page when it comes to your plans. Still, avoid pressuring your bride into making any rash decisions that she may later regret.

Popular Questions

Why do Russian women make the best wives?

If you look at any Russian Brides review online, you will see that they are often named among the best women in the world for marriage. And you don’t need to spend a lot of time with real Russian brides to see that it’s true. Russian women are beautiful, caring, smart with finances, talented in housework and cooking, amazing with children, exceptionally loyal, and fascinating to be around. Those qualities are exactly what makes Russian mail order wives so desirable.

How to get a Russian mail order bride?

Now that you know that the best place to look for Russian mail order brides is a specialized international dating site, all that is left for you to do is to sign up for one and begin your journey. Start by creating an appealing profile with attractive photos and detailed information about yourself. Don’t wait for Russian women to discover you — be proactive and reach out to the women you like first. And finally, don’t drag out your online relationship — if you enjoy your time with the woman and can see yourself dating and marrying her in real life, arrange a meeting and let things flow naturally.

How much does it cost to get a Russian bride?

Meeting, dating, and marrying a Russian woman does not require you to pay any money directly to the woman or to some dating agency to connect you with a suitable match. However, you will likely need to pay for your dating site membership, as well as cover the costs of traveling to Russia or inviting your Russian bride to visit you, buy her gifts, and pay for translation service both for online and offline communication. Depending on several factors, including how long it will take you to meet your ideal bride, you will need to pay between $2,000 and $20,000.

Are Russian brides legal?

Why wouldn’t they be? When you hear the phrase “Russian brides for sale”, you should know that it’s just an outdated expression that has very little to do with reality. No one can sell Russian brides online or order Russian bride from some kind of online catalogue. The Russian mail order brides you see online have made a conscious decision to marry a foreigner and run their own online dating profile. When you decide to marry a Russian woman, she will need to go through the same immigration procedure as anyone entering the United States, which makes the whole thing absolutely legal.